Neighbourhood Plan

The Castle Cary and Ansford Neighbourhood Plan is now part of the development plan for Castle Cary and Ansford. It has full status alongside the Local Plan as a document which guides the future development of our two parishes. Planning decisions must be taken in accordance with the policies of the Neighbourhood Plan unless there is good reason to do otherwise.

The Plan has been through all the legal requirements for public consultation and has been carefully studied by an independent Examiner. We have made modifications as recommended by the Examiner, and the modified plan was put to a local referendum in July 2019.

The result of the referendum was a resounding YES vote – by 682 votes to 43 – and South Somerset District Council completed the process by formally deciding to make the Neighbourhood Plan part of the statutory development plan on 5th September 2019.

You can download the Neighbourhood Plan here.

For further information and details of other available documents, please go to the NP website

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